About me

Tomi Naarvala

  • WSET Diploma 2018
  • Sommelier degree 2014
  • Batender degree 2015
  • MBA 2013
  • German Wine Academy 2017
  • Sherry Educator 2014
  • European Bartender School Instructor Academy 2013
  • WSET Advanced 2010
  • Wine Judge, Finland’s Wine of the Year since 2015
  • Grand Champagne Challenge 2016 Winner
  • Member of Finland’s World Blind Tasting Competition team.
  • 5th place World Blind Tasting Competition 2017

I am the man behind this company and our wine tasting club. I am passionate about wines. Wineserver wine services started from my own needs – to learn more about wines, to taste and compare them with other wine ehtusiast people, and to travel to world known wine regions. Wineserver company was established in 2009 and the main idea is to promote wine culture in Finland and to continue exploring the fascinating world of wine.

From WineTravel.fi site you can find all our upcoming wine trips to take you to the birth places of wine. When travel arrangements and winery visits are ready planned, all you need to do is enjoy. While traveling with a wine expert you also learn about winemaking and viticulture. Our visits are unique and not available for other tourists.

I give my wine lectures in a professional manner and with years of experience. I have a Sommelier and Bartending degree and international WSET Diploma in wine and spirits. In addition I have completed WSET Advanced course, Sherry Instructor Course in Spain and European Bartender School Instructor Academy in Sweden. I have also visited many wine regions across Europe.

I am eager to learn more about wines and share my knowledge with other people. Different study programs and competitions keep my motivation high and I have also gained some success in sommelier and bartending competitions. In October my Finland’s team gained fifth position in World Blind Tasting Competition in Bourgogne, France.

Wineserver wine club continues its activities as before, or even better and more professional, but still with relaxed touch and enthusiasm. Other wine afficionados are welcome to join our activities and new business opportunities are welcome.

Best regards,

Tomi Naarvala